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This is the 2nd Body Psychotherapy Publications title: BPP-2

"About the Science of Body Psychotherapy"
Edited by Courtenay Young


"At the border between chaos and order: What psychotherapy and neuroscience have in common", by Roz Carroll

"Research 101 for Body Psychotherapists: Cultivating a Somatically-Informed Research Mind", by Christine Caldwell & Rae Johnson

4 extended essays about "The Science of Body Psychotherapy Today": by Courtenay Young

-   Part 1: A Background History

-   Part 2: The Current Situation

-   Part 3: Appropriate Science

-   Part 4: New Science & Research

"Psychotherapy (and Body Psychotherapy) is a Craft, not a Science", by Courtenay Young

"Efficacy of Bioenergetic Therapies and Stability of the Therapeutic Result: A Retrospective Investigation", by Christa D. Ventling

"Body-oriented psychotherapy: The current state of the art in empirical research: A retrospective investigation", by Frank Röhricht

This book has a paperback cover, is about 23 x15 cm, & has about 340 pages. 
ISBN: 978-1-908729-03-3
RRP:  £18.00  €22.00   $30.00
It is also available as a PDF file download version
ISBN: 978-1-908729-02-6
£15.00, €18.00 or $24.00

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